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Great Girls Team Structure


2021 Team

Our Trustee's


Kris found her passion early on in her career and today manages global teams working in the Safety and Sustainable Development space.
She founded Great Girls in 2014 motivated by the need to drive change for young women in our country and is responsible for the Trust administration as well as general Operations Management and oversight.


Clare has built a career in Marketing where she is currently a Marketing Manager in the food and beverage industry.
She joined in 2014 as a Trustee and pod mentor and has been actively involved ever since. She is currently responsible for the marketing of the programme.


Nandi works in the asset management industry as an equity analyst and fund manager.

She joined Great Girls as a mentor and volunteer in the year it was founded. She currently chairs the board of trustees and has been a speaker on the programme since it’s inception. 


Hanri is driven by a passion for numbers and has been part of the accounting and audit industry for over 14 years.

She joined the organisation in 2015 when she started as a pod mentor and is currently responsible for the accounting function of Great Girls.


Catherine spent 10 years working as a civil engineer before switching careers to become an investment analyst. 

She is a past pod mentor, coordinates the Belhar programme and heads up the fundraising team in addition to her role as trustee.


Maylis is passionate about making the workplace a better place and currently works in talent acquisition and communications. 

She is a pod mentor to five amazing girls, manages the Marketing and Community Engagement team and focuses her time on networking and business improvement.

Come join us

Each year we recruit new team members to volunteer, starting in October. If you are interested in joining one of the teams or would like more information then please send us an email at