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Useful Links for Online Learning

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  • Edbuddies

    EdBuddies are collections of resources, supporting learning and teaching, anywhere, anytime, at no cost to the user. The resources are made available by service providers, teachers and organisations understanding the challenges of education within the South African context.

  • FoondaMate (Matric Past Papers)

    FoondaMate is a WhatsApp Chatbot that enables high school students to download past papers, word definitions, concept meanings, notes and math solutions using discounted WhatsApp data. Send a WhatsApp saying ‘hi’ to 060 055 8055 to start studying!

  • LEFA Co-Op

    Learner support online - requires Telegram (like whatsapp but another app) to be installed on mobile phone.

  • Siyavula (Free Online Maths and Science)

    Those studying Maths and Science there is another platform you can use. However this is only FREE for two months, then you would need to pay. Please note it is free data usage if your data provider is Vodacom or MTN.

  • National Department of Basic Education

    The National Department of Basic Education has made vast amounts of online resources available to students for every grade, from Grade R through to 12. The content is based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) and includes an array of resources, from study guides to apps and video lessons.

  • WCED Grade 12 Tutor Support Page

    Updated with information about tutoring and education support for Grade 12s – check in to see what is available and from what organisations.

  • WOZA Matrics - Department of Basic Education

    Free Whatsapp Line - 061 505 3023 Matrics can submit questions and send voice notes and a subject specialist will respond. Woza supports both year end and second chance Matrics in their learning by providing content revision. • Openview 12 channel timetable: • Online Resources: • Download the App (free): • Matric Live – Online video in 16 subjects (instructions how to download the App): - Note: Data costs apply when watching the videos

  • Tutonic by UCT

    Maths Tutoring provided by UCT students to high schoolers Grades 8 to Matric. Resources include concept videos that cover all the maths content, quizzes and previous questions that Tutonic has received from other pupils over the years, personalised support from a university student (pupils can submit questions they’re struggling with), and weekly live sessions with a tutor for Matrics.

  • Olico

    Olico offers free online maths training for Grades 7 to 9 – which can help strengthen basics for Grade 11 and 12 learners. It offers immediate feedback with videos, hints and worked solutions, with links to games and simulations. And teachers or tutors are also able to work alongside the pupils, manage the class, assign specific quizzes and track learner performance. There is also an option to practice for the NBT for older students.

  • Reflective Learning (Not free)

    Ideal for those learners who have fallen behind on poorly understood concepts from earlier grades. You can take the online assessment and then meet up with a tutor who can customise the learning to fill gaps of knowledge. Cost: R100 a month for English, R125 per month for Maths, Combined Maths and English: R150 per month

  • Math Goodies

    The website encompasses more than 500 pages of mathematical resources including interactive lessons, worksheets, games and puzzles. With its multi-media curriculum that allows students to learn at their own pace, every lesson provides challenge exercises and solutions. Math Goodies is suitable for grades 1-10 and can help revisit basic items to ensure the learners foundations are solid.Cost: R100 a month for English, R125 per month for Maths, Combined Maths and English: R150 per month

  • Vodacom e-School

    Vodacom has made a FREE online educational platform to help you study and practice your school work. It is also free data usage if your data provider is Vodacom.

  • Paul's Online Notes

    Paul's Online Notes makes notes freely available and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Although intended for American University students the cheat sheets are suitable for advanced learners and students studying mathematical concepts like algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

Useful Links for Post Matric

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  • Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

    Harambee is a not-for-profit social enterprise with extensive experience building solutions and innovations that can solve the global youth unemployment challenge. They have a free mobi app that can help youth find employment. Apply today and find your job!

  • Chrysalis Academy

    Chrysalis Academy offers a 3 month intensive residential life skills and leadership development programme to provide young people with the necessary tools to become self-confident, resilient role models and leaders within their communities.

  • Gradesmash

    Gradesmatch is a comprehensive career guidance technology that assists learners in Africa with career planning to unlock their potential. The technology is designed to map career data to learners, teachers and mentors, assisting in making well-informed good career decisions to improve long-term education and career outcomes.