Great Girls Cape Town

The Great Girls Programme

Great Girls partners with high schools in disadvantaged communities, offering Grade 11 and 12 girls the chance to enrol in a two-month programme. Participants attend the modules (five modules over two months), work on homework and assignments between modules, and are mentored throughout by a Great Girls Mentor.


In six modules we are able to cover a range of topics we believe will equip the participants with the skills to enter the working world.

Topic Break Down


A range of experts come to speak to the girls and give them real, practical and insightful perspective in their specialised fields. 



Ensuring continuous learning. We offer quarterly workshops for alumni so that they can create and build their skills



Support and guidance goes beyond the modules. Mentors support their girls professional goals for two years post-programme. 

Become a Mentor

Our Topics

CV and Interviews

  • How to create a strong CV
  • Interview techniques

Workplace Behaviour

  • Employment DOs and DON’Ts
  • Workplace communication

Finance and Tax

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Introduction to tax

Labour Law

  • Basic labour law and introduction to the working environment
  • Job contracts

Personal Branding

  • Personal grooming
  • Appropriate workplace attire
  • Individual personality assessments
  • Building confidence through sharing your story

Shaping Your Future

  • Goal setting and visualisation 
  • Options for further education
  • Finding your first job

Our Speakers

Alumnae Workshops

Learning and staying connected does not stop once a Great Girl has graduated. We host quarterly workshops where we explore new topics to build the Girls’ knowledge and create a sense of community. Workshop themes are broad and we have covered topics like self defence, health and wellness, learning to code, design thinking and alternative careers. To see some of our past events, head to our gallery.

A morning spent with Secret Sunrise Cape Town for our end of year function. The event was focused on reflecting on the year and gaining the confidence to dance at your own beat.

Cost Breakdown of our Programme

R 0

Setting up a debit order to Great Girls of just R30 a month will cover the cost of one girl on an entire programme for a year.

R 0

Sponsors one hot meal (lunch) for one girl on the programme.

R 0

Sponsors biscuits and tea-time refreshments for one girl for an entire programme. 

R 0

Sponsors the cost of transport for one girl for the duration of the programme.

R 0

Sponsors a girl for one module (out of five) of the programme.

R 0

Sponsors one complete training manual for one full programme.

R 0

Sponsors a girl for the duration of the programme.